Membership Coordinator

Position Description
The Membership Coordinator administers the association member records database through NAR
E-commerce. The Administrative Assistant participates in organizing, controlling and directing the
association’s programs and activities.

Specific Responsibilities-
1. Make associations deposits for both banks – one is the foundation.
2. Collect and record all annual dues remitted by member and member offices.
3. Handle all inquiries and requests related to membership.
4. Draft member correspondence regarding membership including letter of good standing.
5. Maintain accurate records in membership files and member databases (i.e., MMSI, web site,
Word roster, etc.).
6. Administer new member application process.
7. Administer Annual Dues Billing processes (REALTORS® & Affiliates).
8. Produce monthly membership report.
9. Maintain member prospect databases for Affiliate and Membership recruitment.
10. Produce monthly class schedule and books students, answer calls, track attendance.
11. Monitor Code of Ethics -every 3 year requirement.
12. Assist the Chief Executive Officer in planning and coordinating the meetings of the board of
directors, committee, and membership.
13. Manage the health plan renewals.
14. Manage the advantage payment plan sign up and management.
15. Maintain office copy machine & store front (supplies, maintenance, etc.)
16. Assist with content and photos, plan, and coordinate E-Newsletters, social media and emails.
17. Maintain, update and enhance website.
18. Sell advertising for monthly Focus enewsletter
19. Maintain membership database for distribution of all publications;
20. Assist in developing brochures, programs and other marketing materials for meetings, programs,
events and seminars (using Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint)
21. Solicit sponsorships and/or donations for DABOR events.
22. Perform such other tasks as determined and directed by Chief Executive Officer.
23. Retail sales of locks and signs and Realtor merchandise.
24. Monthly inventory for board store items, order new items and handle all pricing.
25. Handle vendor contracts and bid process, scheduling and invoicing.
26. Review all incoming invoices and bills and distribute.

1. Answer telephones; handle basic inquiries when possible.
2. Record incoming monies.
3. Process all new memberships and returned/reassigned memberships. Bill members when
4. Handle any outgoing correspondence as directed by the Executive Officer.

1. Update Website with web master.
2. Update all office calendars.
1. Print out new membership rosters by Members and Companies.
2. Order office supplies.

24 hours a week, afternoons and early evenings – $16/hour